Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Today I have a tunssss of fun at school because i could meet a blogger a book maker a ECOFUNOPOLY  Game and a TRAVELER AT SCHOOL. well she told me that anyting you write is a story and also even a little sentence. even i you are just writting a word you are writting something and it is just the start. from making a word then a sentence then a  page then a chapter then you could make a big book like she made. at school she sold it and also gaves thesign on it!!!!!!!!!!!!
for me she was the coolest traveler in the world, even if she travel she is travelling for free. she got to21 countries in 5 years. i bought the book that was called "STUDENT TRAVELER: i did not know if she had it in englsh beacause i got it or indonesia.

so thanks fo knowing the info of what im doing ande BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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